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Custom and Standard LPG system designs


NFPA 54,58,59 Compliance Specialists


DOT Compliance Specialists

Our Story

Founded in 2008 by Craig Schultz and Adam Schultz, LPG Specialties is a complete mobile service provider catering to the needs of the LPG industry. Our offerings include designing, building, and inspecting services. We aim to be a one-stop solution for propane distributors, offering a range of services from phone consultations to comprehensive installations of rail terminal facilities and Department of Transportation inspections, among other services.

From our base in Oregon City, OR, we provide services across the Northwest, spanning the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, and Montana. Our service offering is not confined to propane distributors; we also accommodate the requirements of heavy commercial and industrial end-users. Be it propane distribution or equipment servicing, we are equipped to meet all your needs effectively.

Our team possesses a range of certifications, such as Master Pipe Fitter, Hazardous Material Security Awareness, Poly Fusion & Welding, and the Department of Transportation Office of Pipeline Safety OQ qualifications for Utility Systems. Moreover, we are accredited as Service Agents for meter proving and calibration by the Department of Agriculture in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. As we strive to broaden our qualifications, we ensure that LPG Specialties has the capability to carry out your project legally and with the proper certifications.



o Bulk Plant Installation and Repair
o Rail Terminal Installation
o End User Industrial / Heavy Commercial Installation
o Utility Installation in compliance with DOT Department of Pipeline Safety and NFPA 59
o Fire Safety Analysis
o Turn Key Installations
o Retail Dispenser Cabinet builds and repairs
o Bulk Storage Tank Skid Fabrication
o Rail Tower Fabrication and Repair
o Desing and Engineerin
o Consulting
o Cell Tower back up and battery charging installations
o Permitting

We are the Pacific Northwest leading bulk storage installers and NFPA 58, 54 and 59 compliance specialists.
Please contact us today to get a free quote for your project.


o DOT Inspections(as per 49 CFR)
 “V” Visual
 “K” Leakage
 “I” Internal
 “P” Pressure
 “UC” Upper Coupler
 King Pin
 Magnetic Particle
 Sonar
 Array

o Plant Inspections (as per NFPA 58,54 &59)
 NFPA Compliance Inspections
 Fire Safety Analysis Inspections

We are a mobile inspection company tailored for the LPG industry. We conduct our inspections in OR, WA, ID, AK & MT. We conduct inspections with the support of our “Truck Trailer”, which stocks almost every part to repair deficiencies found during inspections, including our on-board hose crimper and testing station, minimizing down time of your units and eliminating unnecessary labor and shipping charges. Call today to schedule your inspections.


o Truck meter proving & calibration
o Truck meter diagnosis and repair
o Dispenser meter proving & Calibration]
o Dispenser meter diagnosis and repair
o Dispenser meter refurbishment program

 Send us your old, and we will send you newly refurbished meter

We are a certified mobile proving and repair shop to assist you with all your meter needs. All projects in out meter division are conducted under NIST Handbook 44, ensuring your National Compliance. We have a trailer with a 25 gallon vessel for dispenser meters and 100-gallon vessel for truck meters and can prove and meter with a 100 GPM or less. We can service any size meter.

Our Refurbishment program is second to none. All refurbished meters come with new measuring chambers and differential valves at a minimum to ensure accuracy once installed. To ensure the highest level of accuracy, all refurbished meters are shop calibrated utilizing propane on our custom dispenser testing bench. Since other company’s service meters encompassing all medias, they prove their refurbished meters with solvent, or some other material that does not react the same way as propane. We guarantee our meters to pass Weights and Measures inspections at time of installation.

States that we are certified in:
OR: Non-Service Agent State
WA: 9582
ID: 920B


o Truck Pump rebuild and service
o Stationary pump rebuild and service
o Compressor rebuild and service
o Vaporizer repair and service
 Authorized Service Agents for Ransome and Algas vaporizers
o Air Mixer repair and service
o Peak Load Shaving plant repair and service

We have established a reputation throughout the Northwest on our prompt response and repair times. If you are in need of immediate repair and service call us to get your equipment operational. We stock repair / rebuild kits at all times to facilitate Emergency Situations. We stock at all times the following kits:
Corken Z3200 Truck Pump Rebuild kit
Blackmer LGL3 Truck Pump rebuild kit
Corken 291/491 Compressor Rebuild Kit


o Bulkheads
o Rail towers
o Hose Racks
o Skids (Storage tank and custom)
o Dispenser Cabinets
o Manifold systems


49 CFR Sections
180.605 Portable Tank Testing Requalifications
178.274 - 178.276 Portable Tank Specifications
172.302 - 326 Portable Tank Markings

- 2.5 Intermediate Test Inspection ("V" & "K" Inspections)
- 5 Year "I" Internal Inspection
- 5 Year "P" Pressure Inspection

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Career & Jobs

Pursue a career with the Pacific Northwest's leading LPG distribution support company. With jobs starting at $25.00 an hour, paid medical benefits, 401 K, vacation, paid holidays and signing bonuses, contact us today.

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ID #: RCE41121

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